Hyman’s Auto Supply: Family Owned and Operated for 89 Years and Counting

In 1927 Morris Hyman opened Hyman’s Auto Supply on the 8600 block of Commercial Avenue in Chicago. 89 years and four generations later, that same business is still thriving, and continuing to grow in the same location surviving both the Great Depression and World War II.

Today Hyman’s Auto Supply is owned and operated by Hyman’s four grandchildren: Rick, Dennis, Steve and Marty Hyman. In fact you can find two of the brothers, Rick and Marty in their offices of what used to be the living quarters of their grandfather and his family.

Since 1927, Hyman’s has opened six other Specialty Paint locations in Indiana and Illinois to become one of the leading and largest independent automotive finish wholesalers in the Midwest. In 1980, Hyman’s also opened Hyman’s Ace Hardware.

In 1990, Hyman’s Auto Supply launched the E-Z MIX brand under their umbrella, thanks to Rick Hyman and his invention of the disposable mixing cup. E-Z MIX has since expanded its line of paint products and accessories. E-Z MIX ships worldwide, all from the same 8600 block location.

In 1999, Rick’s son, Jon Hyman joined the Hyman’s team to manage the Mishawaka location. A decade later Marty’s daughter, Lauren (Hyman) Tetrick joined up on the E-Z MIX side of the business. Marty’s son Ian joined the shipping department, managed by his uncle, Steve in 2011, after Steve’s retirement in 2015, Ian now manages our E-Z Mix Warehouse. Marty’s son David also joined in 2014 and is now working as part of the Hyman’s sales team.

There’s a rich history within the walls of Hyman’s Auto Supply. In the 1930’s the employees of Hyman’s were receiving a weekly pay of $15.00 and in the 1940’s during World War II, Morris provided lunch for his salesmen, preferring that their earning go toward feeding their families. Morris managed Hymans until the 1950’s, when his son Irving Hyman took over that roll.

Eventually, with the passing of Morris and Irving, the business was left to Irving’s wife, Maxine Hyman who decided to let their four sons manage the company. Since then the company has sponsored local parades, little leagues, and clinics for the automotive industry.

For 89 years Hyman’s Auto Supply Co. has proudly provided its customers with low prices, quality goods and great customer service thanks to the vision of Morris Hyman in 1927. The location on the 8600 block of Chicago is open 7 days a week. Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM, Saturday 8AM-4PM and Sunday 9AM-2PM.

For a quote, a more detailed timeline, questions, or images of the past 89 years, please contact Rick Hyman at 800-322-5651 or rick@ezmix.com.